Holistic Health Tips

Good Gut - Good Health

By Tom Martin

*The following post is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to advise, diagnose, or treat any medical condition. This information is not meant to replace any medical advice or relationship with a licensed medical professional.*

If you are serious about good health you need to start with your gut. Traditional diets and methods for preserving foods fed our stomachs and intestines with a balance of essential bacteria. With the introduction of refrigeration, these methods were no longer needed. Sadly, our bodies have remained the same. Without a balance of the flora in our stomachs, we become targets for a wide range of diseases.

Seventy percent (70%) of our immune system is in our stomachs. We regular hear in advertising and on talk shows the need for probiotics. You can take probiotic capsules, but they contain small amounts of the essential bacteria and they are quite expensive.

Poor gut health leads to such problems as obesity, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, colitis, GERD and IBS. Even good mental health is tied to good gut health. Dementia and Alzheimer's patients have seen excellent improvement by getting more good bacteria into their gut.

The easiest, most cost-effective way to restore your gut health is by fermenting your own vegetables and eating about one-half cup of them each day.

I have a video on my website as to the preparation. Simply visit OnePercentHealth.com, click on the videos tab and then on the video "Fermented Vegetables."

I have included my basic recipe below. The two most important vegetables to use are cabbage and celery. The other listed vegetables are ones I often use, but it isn't essential to use all of them.

Fermented Vegetables

1 Small head Cabbage, thinly sliced

6 Ribs Celery

5 Carrots Thinly sliced

1 Small Red onion, thinly sliced

3 Cloves Garlic, minced

2 tablespoons Celtic Sea or Himalayan Salt

1/4 cup Whey


To extract whey, place a paper coffee filter over a cup or jar and secure with a rubber band. Place plain, whole-milk yogurt in the filter. Allow the whey to drip down into the cup (this should take about 1 hour). The remaining yogurt can be blended back into the container.

Put all cut vegetables in a large bowl and sprinkle the salt over them. Toss gently with your hands and let rest for 1 hour.

With clean hands, roughly smash the vegetables, extracting as much of the liquid as possible.

In a clean jar, firmly pack the vegetables into the jar, tamping them down to extract even more of the liquid. Add the remaining liquid brine from the bowl into the jar. Add the whey to the mixture. If the liquid does not cover the vegetables, add a little more water until it does. Seal the jar and leave on a counter for one week. (the temperature should be above 70 degrees F.)

After one week, refrigerate and enjoy.

Tom Martins bio

Thomas Martin

After working over 25 years in software engineering with a degree in Business, I was suddenly struck down with heart failure. I was told I would need a heart transplant. I was not told, however, what had caused the heart failure. Since I had never had any chronic illness, the medical teams had no answers. I could not imagine agreeing to have my heart cut out of my body without knowing why this all was happening to me.

I began a search for answers in the holistic community, reading studies and reports by medical doctors (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs), Research scientists and naturopaths. I sought the help of an integrative doctor in Newport Beach, California and after being given odds of only one percent that my heart could heal, it did, in fact, heal.

Taking what I learned over a seven year period, I began writing books, posting blogs, speaking to groups and counseling people with chronic illness as to alternative health options. I have currently written 11 books on a variety of health issues.

Tom's Books:
One Percent: My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease
Just Do This One Thing: A Guide to Chronic Good Health
The Balance Diet: A Fourteen-week Healthy Weight-loss Program

The 10 Step Integrative Health Series:
Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Colitis, GERD, IBS, Anal Fissures and Crohn's Disease
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
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Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
Depression, Anxiety and Psychoses

All of these and more can be found a Tom's website here.