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The "C" Word

By Tom Martin

*The following post is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to advise, diagnose, or treat any medical condition. This information is not meant to replace any medical advice or relationship with a licensed medical professional.*

I usually try to keep my articles directed at runners and health issues commonly faced by them. But, I have recently been personally affected with so many friends facing cancer that I knew those following Clines Running Corner would likely also be in a similar situation.

In general, the odds of overcoming cancer by strictly allopathic (modern, western) medicine, are about two percent. Not the best of odds on which to wager your life.

In 2016 I met with the manager of a local cancer radiology clinic. He has over 20 years managing and working with cancer patients. His admission caught me by surprise. He said "There is no doubt that patients who take personal responsibility and action for their cancer treatment, pursuing dietary and holistic health options, have much better results at beating cancer than those patients who do not."

This was further confirmed to me over the last few months. In December of 2016, a friend put me in contact with his good friend in Alabama. Paul had just been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, a cancer with a very lethal track record. Odds of reversing this cancer are even less than two percent. I told Paul that together we could increase his odds of eliminating the cancer from his body. I sent him a copy of my book on 10 Steps to Preventing and Reversing Cancer. This book, like all of my "10 Step Integrative Health" books, is not an either/or approach. In other words, you continue to follow the advice and treatment of your allopathic doctor and in conjunction with that advice, you follow the steps in my books.

Paul jumped on the opportunity, read the book through several times and sent his son out to purchase the nutrients suggested.

One blood test that tracks cancer in the body is called "Tumor Marker." The higher the tumor marker number, the worse the cancer. In December 2016, Paul's tumor marker was at 42,000. By April 2017, that number had dropped to 3,005. In May, the number was down to 555.

In addition to good results on Paul's tumor marker, his other blood test showed a healthy man. The nurses and doctors were all shocked. But when they asked, "What are you doing?" and he began to tell them, they shut down, waved their hands and said, "Don't even tell me about these things. I don't want to know."

People may find it difficult to believe that the medical industry is not overly concerned with "curing cancer" but the reality is that they are not. Cancer is a high profit disease.

Just as the above mentioned radiology manager could clearly see for himself that holistic approaches work, there was and is nothing more he can do about it. Even suggesting it to his patients could cost him his job. I don't blame him, but I do blame the medical industry.

But, answers and approaches to treating cancer are readily available. But none will work unless you give them a try. In talking to many cancer patients and hearing their protests to trying my approach, I can't help but wonder, "So which is more important to you, your obedience to your doctor or your life?"

I sadly watched the wife of a friend of mine die from cancer. I had told him about holistic options, but he only wanted to listen to his doctor.

Keep in mind, your doctor does not operate independently. Your doctor is part of a much larger corporate, legal and government-controlled machine. He or she isn't necessarily a bad person, but much like the radiology manager, they don't want to lose their careers either.

For more information on alternative approaches to cancer, please refer to my website OnePercentHealth.com. If you click on the tab 10 Step Integrative Health Series it will take you to nine books, each addressing a chronic illness in ten steps. This series of books is currently only available in electronic PDF format.

One additional resources for alternative cancer treatments is the website thetruthaboutcancer.com I highly recommend their videos.

Please email Tom here with any suggestions for health topics you would like addressed.

Tom Martins bio

Thomas Martin

After working over 25 years in software engineering with a degree in Business, I was suddenly struck down with heart failure. I was told I would need a heart transplant. I was not told, however, what had caused the heart failure. Since I had never had any chronic illness, the medical teams had no answers. I could not imagine agreeing to have my heart cut out of my body without knowing why this all was happening to me.

I began a search for answers in the holistic community, reading studies and reports by medical doctors (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs), Research scientists and naturopaths. I sought the help of an integrative doctor in Newport Beach, California and after being given odds of only one percent that my heart could heal, it did, in fact, heal.

Taking what I learned over a seven year period, I began writing books, posting blogs, speaking to groups and counseling people with chronic illness as to alternative health options. I have currently written 11 books on a variety of health issues.

Tom's Books:
One Percent: My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease
Just Do This One Thing: A Guide to Chronic Good Health
The Balance Diet: A Fourteen-week Healthy Weight-loss Program

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