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Mackley's New Friend

By Mackley Q. Greene (as told to Kim Andres)

Kim Andres PLOP! And just like that an infant squirrel entered my life and that of my runner, Kim. This bit of a hairless thing attracted my attention when she fell from a big tree in our front yard after a particularly windy day. Rather than chomp down or viciously shake her(as Quincy would have done), I stood there looking at her until my owner, Marc, saw me acting excited and came over and scooped her up and brought her into the house.

New Friend

So, now were are bringing up a baby squirrel - but that's not the purpose of my column. Rather, I write to relay a few running experiences that Kim had on her recent trip to Tucson while visiting her parents. Over two weekends, on Sundays both, she ran Tucson races in the desert. The first one, with a valentine day's theme, was a four miler. It was two mile course done twice on the University of Arizona campus that included running up the football stadium ramps, then across the stadium at the top and back down the winding ramps on the other side. The challenge was doing the ramps twice for the four miles. There was also a relay but I did not have a sweetheart to split the course with (besides, my sweetheart was back in Irving, and is not a runner). And the award for her age group? A potted cactus. (see photo) - which her dad promptly planted in their back yard.

The next race was a women only 5K - something she has never seen in the Metroplex. If guys wanted to run, they were relegated to the one miler - which started 30 minutes before the all women 5K. The race venue was a women's maternity hospital and benefited a women's cause. The course was somewhat confusing because it was two loops and my mother should have paid more attention before the race to know that since she found it confusing catching up with walkers at some point and wondered if she was still on the course. But it ended well and again, the awards were interesting - they were given using the "stack 'em" approach. For the age groups, third place got a wine cup, second the wine cup and branded m&ms in a heart shaped container and first place, the wine cup, the m&ms and a head band! Interesting!


For those who happen to travel to Tucson, know that the running community is pretty great, although there is only one running store (the Running Shop). Races are not every weekend (Kim got lucky to race back to back) and the area running club is known as Southwest Arizona Runners (SAR).

Your favorite canine contributor,

Mackley Q. Greene

Kim (formerly Dennis) Andres' bio

Quincy and Kim

A bit about me - the stuff that counts. Running is my passion - since my first race at 46 in 1999, I have really worked hard at it - with focus on racing. Previously, I was a kid in Buffalo NY where running is possible only during the summer and frankly, it never occurred to me to run in any event. Instead, I did gymnastics, an in-doors sport that fit perfectly with the cold, snowy winters. I later selected a college for its gymnastics team, Springfield College, Mass. thinking that selecting a college to pursue my sport was perfectly logical. At Springfield, I participated in four seasons of gymnastics exhibitions and three seasons of competition, I was "Olga korbuttsky" the clown on the balance beam in exhibition and, in competition, was named most valuable gymnast in 1974.

Flash forward to the late '70's and I moved to Texas for grad school and then law school in Houston TX. In the late '80's I was working for the FDIC as an in-house bankruptcy lawyer, when I was relocated (with pleasure) to Dallas. Since 1994 I have been an in-house attorney with the financial services firm, (formerly, "The Associates") now Citi since it acquired Associates in 2000 - with offices in Las Colinas. I started running in 1999 to relieve "stress" and get over a divorce. I enjoyed it almost immediately (after I gained confidence that I could actually do this!). Over the years, I have done all of the distances including Boston in 2001.

I don't know what prompted me to be so diligent but since my first race in 1999, I have kept a meticulous log of all of my races - the race, the date and location, my time and place, awards and whether the results appeared in the newspaper. I recently logged in race #1,142 and absent injury, I don't plan to quit racing any time soon!