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Gary Pulver: The Race Photographer

I do love to look at my race photos when they arrive in my email after a race. Most of my friends tell me that they just hate their photos but they always look great to me so maybe it is time for my readers to show a new appreciation for the race photographers. Read More

Thomas Martin: Good Gut - Good Health

If you are serious about good health you need to start with your gut. Traditional diets and methods for preserving foods fed our stomachs and intestines with a balance of essential bacteria. With the introduction of refrigeration, these methods were no longer needed. Sadly, our bodies have remained the same. Without a balance of the flora in our stomachs, we become targets for a wide range of diseases. Read More.

Harry Hall: The Runner Breakfast

Most who attended the June 10 annual runner breakfast walked a bit slower, and maybe more stooped. Over the decades, talk that once centered around setting PRs and winning trophies, now centered on the latest prescriptions and operations that often include hip and knee replacements; war stories about victories over a/g competitors have been replaced by victories over cancer. Read More.

Fiona Green: Running in Scotland

Whenever I visit family in Scotland I always look for an opportunity to race while I am there. During last month's trip I was able to squeeze in 2 races. Read more.

Mackley Q. Greene (as told to Kim Andres): Mackley's New Friend

PLOP! And just like that an infant squirrel entered my life and that of my runner, Kim. This bit of a hairless thing attracted my attention when she fell from a big tree in our front yard after a particularly windy day. Read More.

Brad Kelley: When your race doesn't go as planned.

As athletes, we sign up for a particular race, we train for hours and miles in the months ahead, we have a training plan that our coach has laid out for us....and then race morning comes upon us. Read More.

Ashley Wise: 5 Nutrition Habits to Implement Now

Do you know your values? I'm not talking about your deeply-rooted moral values, although you should probably have a good grasp on what those are as well. But what I'm talking about is your lipid panel values. You know, your cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose… Never heard of them? Certainly don't know what they are? If that is the case, well, frankly I'm not surprised. Read More

Charles Clines:  Heading to the finish line

A mid-life start to running led to making new friends and a healthier lifestyle. And now I'm ready to cut back some and "retire" -- at least somewhat. Read more.

Natalie Trimble: On Recovering from a Knee Injury

It's happened to you, I'm sure. You've been out with a baby (probably yours) and a stranger stopped you to do a pity-brag. The beginning is innocent enough. You're asked about the age of your baby. "Is he walking yet?" If you say yes, the Pity-Bragger confirms their child walked at least two months sooner. If you say no, the Pity Bragger cautions you. Not just walking is coming, but running will be right behind it Read more.

H.B. Wise: The Last Year

We are thinking about new features here at CRC. First is a book review column. We have someone who is interested in writing these and we will try to get started in September. The idea is to review running books. Hopefully this should give you an idea of what you might find useful. Read more.


Press Release

Registration Opens for 2017 BMW Dallas Marathon

DALLAS (May 1, 2017) - Registration for the 47th running of the BMW Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon, newly named SMU Cox School of Business Relay and initial BMW Weekend Series launched today at New to this year’s event, the BMW Weekend Series introduces a competitive 5K and 10K race held the Saturday of marathon weekend, December 8-10. Read More.


Race Reports

(More reports are here and in the Archives)


GPHNS 5k for Fairness - a Successful and Professional Inaugural Event

Run on June 17, 2017

By Fiona Green

Overall Winners This weekend I participated in a 5k in Grand Prairie that left a lasting impression. I was attracted to the race by the fact that it took part in Mike Lewis Park, where Jeph Abara often held his low-key, no-frills races, and the low $10 registration fee was an added bonus. Despite humid conditions over 120 runners toed the line, a solid turnout for an inaugural event. The course was a simple out and back along the park trails, relatively flat except for a slight incline at the halfway point.

Food Truck For the first time in my racing life I had a wardrobe malfunction. Well technically it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction but more a bib issue. Several race day registrants had received bibs which had been printed on a label sheet, the idea being that you would simply peel off the backing and stick it on your chest, bra, shorts, wherever. Having reservations that this would stay in place I cleverly secured it with safety pins. After dousing myself with water a mile into the race the paper became soggy and tore free from the pins, causing the bib to flop over and dangle precariously over my stomach. I persevered for a while then, realizing I risked losing it altogether, removed it and ran with it crumpled in a ball, planning to unfold it just before the finish line. Needless to say by the time I reached the finish line it was a fragile, soggy mess but kind volunteers carefully reshaped it and noted my time. It was all very entertaining!

Twenty minutes after the race, results were texted to runners' phones, a pretty impressive 'extra' for a first time event. Participants enjoyed a selection of post run beverages but the most popular items were definitely the delicious complimentary chicken and beef kebabs provide by a local foodie truck. Boxed medals were awarded to age group winners while Overall and Masters winners received trophies and prizes (a sports bag with BBQ tools, an umbrella and a frisbee!) Did I mention the entry fee was only $10? This event was great value for money.

Kabak Patrons Race director Patrick Cornelius explained the race was not organized as a fundraiser but to help promote Fair Housing. According to the race website 'The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting, buying, or securing financing for any housing. The prohibitions specifically cover discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and the presence of children.

Taking the overall title was Grand Prairie resident Don Robertson who clocked 19.03, 36 seconds ahead of 39 year old Jason Bogardus. Robertson doesn't race often but couldn't resist the opportunity to test his speed in a hometown race. On the female side, 29 year old Victoria Munoz took the top spot, finishing in 21:08, 22 seconds ahead of runner up, 25 year old Amy Deeble. Munoz is a triathlete who only runs around 3 days per week. She has inherited her love of triathlons from her father, Juan, who took part in the recent Escape From Alcatraz in San Francisco.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Green.


Wounded Warriors Military Miles

Run on June 11, 2017

By Harry Hall

Carson Vickroy

Men's Race

Carson Vickroy hopes to help the Kansas Jayhawks' Cross-Country team to the NCAA National Championships this fall. The Coppell Cowboys graduate took a significant step toward that goal when he won the June 11 Wounded Warriors Military Miles 10k held in Las Colinas (Irving), TX.

The incoming senior covered the course in thirty-four minutes, twenty-two seconds. Coming in a distant second was Ramiro Benitez in 35:25.

Hummer "The race went about as I expected," said Vickroy, who is a meteorology major and hopes to become a TV weather forecaster, "I got the time I wanted."

While running for the Cowboys, Vickery clocked a 4:22 1600 and 9:17 for the 3200.

He says he's just coming back from some time off after track season, and that his summer work has just started.

"I'm going to build my miles to 60-70 per week," says Vickroy, An All-Academic Big 12 selection, "and I'll also look to run another 5k or something."

He believes in both his running and his career. In the race results, he's listed as, "World's Fastest Weatherman."

Stephanie Allen

Women's Race

Stephanie Allen only took up running six years ago, when the fitness instructor was looking for some variety in her routine.

Today she runs, and frequently wins local road races.

Most recently, she added the WW Miles in 42:19, placing 10th overall.

"I always run the Dallas Running Club Half-Marathon in November," she says.

In 2015, she took third in that race's 30-34 a/g with 1:44.19

She maxes out at about 35-40 miles per week, doing some intervals and fartleks. In the summer, she cuts back to 25 a week so she can spend more time with her daughter.

Allen has run one marathon, clocking a 3:43 at the 2014 Big D Marathon.

She is also a member of Team Maddie.

Photos courtesy of Harry Hall.


Garden of Eden 5k - good for the soul

Run on June 10, 2017

By Fiona Green

Mayor Price Racing connects us. There is something about running together and sweating up a storm with hundreds of other runners that make us feel part of something unique. While the appeal of large, professionally organized events is undeniable there are other low key events that are quite simply good for the soul. For the past few years I have participated in the Garden of Eden 5k in Fort Worth. The event is organized by a very cheerful group of individuals who always create a unique and memorable experience for everyone who participates. Race coordinator, Brenda Sanders Wise, has so much energy that if was possible to harness it, she could possibly generate electricity. Sanders Wise makes a point of learning everyone's name and hugs and welcomes returning runners like long lost friends. At only $10 race entry fees are among the lowest in the metroplex, the 3 loop course is accurate and participants are chip timed. As an added bonus Fort Worth mayor, Betsy Price, regularly takes place in the event, providing runners with an opportunity to meet a local celebrity.

Brad For several years the race was organized by Jeph Abara who, like Sanders Wise, specialized in intimate no-frills races and knew all his regular runners by name. There was a moment of silence before Saturday's race to remember Jeph who passed away last December. He is still very much in our minds and hearts. Bradley Gardner gave an emotional tribute to Jeph prior to the race, remembering a special man whose actions and positive outlook on life made the world a better place.

Laura Gardner went on to win the race in 22:10, three seconds ahead of overall female winner, Laura Nelson. Nelson who was running her 7th race in 2 weeks, shows no sign of slowing down as she gets older. She was cheered on by her granddaughter, Milani, who at 2 1/2 years old, ran the kids' mile, showing she has definitely inherited some of her grandma's genes.

Anyone interested in a low key race with lots of support and atmosphere really needs to check out this race next year.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Green.


Soggy Conditions at Run The Rails

Run on June 3, 2017

By Fiona Green

Run the Rails Winners Waking up on Saturday morning to heavy rain, I briefly considered not racing but realizing that this might be an indication I was getting soft in my old age I dragged myself out of bed to support the Run the Rails 5k in Saginaw. The rain was still pretty heavy when I arrived at the race site and I worried that if the event was to be cancelled I would be forced to partake of a greasy breakfast with my husband. Thankfully this was not the case although organizers explained that the route would be modified due to bad flooding on the trail part of the course. This decision was agreed upon by race organizers and local police to ensure the safety of runners. Shortly before race start runners were packed into the gym and informed of the shortened route. We are still not quite sure of the exact distance of the new course. Race organizers estimated that the distance was approximately 1.9 miles but some runners measured it as being closer to 1.74 miles.

The top finisher was 19 year old David Torkington of Keller who covered the distance in a speedy 9.05, almost 30 seconds ahead of runner up Joseph Herlin who clocked 9:33. Torkington, who is studying English and philiosophy at Texas A & M, aspires to be a philosophy lecturer and writer. He specializes in the mile and 800m and plans to run several mile races throughout the country over the coming months. He takes his love of running from his father, Mike, who was a fierce competitor in his youth, specializing in longer distance events including the marathon for which he holds a PR of 2:18.

Run The Rails Trophy On the female side 36 year old Stephanie Allen led the way, finishing in 10:54. Allen is an exercise physiologist who works for Woodlands Medical as a rehabilitation specialist. She has always been athletic and was a competitive cheerleader and gymnast in her younger days but at age 30 running became her new passion. She feels fortunate to have been mentored by local running legend Jessica Smith who helped her devise an effective training schedule.

Following the race runners had the chance to win one of dozens of door prizes donated by local companies. Overall and Masters winners were awarded beautiful crystal trophies which looked like raindrops, a fitting design given Saturday's weather.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Green.


Press Release

CRC columnist Harry Hall will be signing his book at The Runner Shop in Pantego on March 23rd from 6-7 PM. Read More.


Book Review -- Marathon Man

Gary Pulver, who writes one of the columns for Clines Running Corner will begin reviewing books and plans to have a review about every other month. Marathon Man is a fascinating look at Bill Rodgers, one of the world's greatest runners. Read the review.

Path To Wellness

Dr. Lauren Letz and her team, Dr. Darcy Goode and Dr. Andrea Roberts, has worked with many of Fort Worth's top runners. Path To Wellness Chiropractic was established in 2008 and is the title sponsor of the Fort Worth Runners Club and the Cox Racing Series. Path to Wellness Chiropractic was established with runners in mind. To fulfill all the needs of runners, we have created a full-service clinic offering spinal and extremity adjustments, spinal decompression, trigger point dry needling, cold laser therapy, active rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, foot orthotics, kinesio taping, and much more.

Dr. Lauren and her team take great pride in their ability to focus on the patients' needs. They work diligently to not only relieve a runner's current problems but also create a healthy environment so future spinal or extremity issues do not arise.

Kim Andres Painting

Paintings by Kim Andres. Looking for a watercolor like this one? Do you want one of your own, of you, a loved one, or a pet? Contact Kim for more information.

runtime logo

A full-service race event timing and production company based in Fort Worth. ChampionChip or Chronotrack (D-Tag) timing technology for quick and accurate results. Before choosing a timing company, please talk to us and compare our competitive pricing. Visit our web site for more information.

cox running club logo

The Cox Running Club was announced at the 2012 Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon in and 5K. By joining, members will enjoy many benefits. Among them include workouts and activities, discounts at running stores and at races. A Training Tuesday is scheduled each Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the TCU track. There also are a kids series and quarterly races. Demery and Ricky Cox time and conduct several area events and have conducted the Trinity 5000 Summer Series for many years. Visit the website for more information.

Tom Martin

After working over 25 years in software engineering with a degree in Business, Tom Martin was suddenly struck down with heart failure. While he was told he would need a heart transplant, he was not told what had caused the heart failure. Without any chronic illness in his past, the medical teams had no answers. He could not imagine agreeing to have his heart cut out without knowing why this all was happening.
He began a search for answers in the holistic community, reading studies and reports by medical doctors (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs), Research scientists and naturopaths. With the help of an integrative doctor in Newport Beach, California and after being given odds of only one percent that his heart could heal, it did, in fact, heal.
Taking what he learned over a seven year period, he began writing books, posting blogs, speaking to groups and counseling people with chronic illness as to alternative health options. One Percent Health is the first of 11 books on a variety of health issues he has currently written. Visit for more information.

cisneros screen printing logo

Race directors: Shirts for your race.

Growing up in a family of runners and being involved with the Fort Worth Runners Club and local running community, we've built up quite a collection of race shirts in recent years. With that being said, at CSP, we've come to know what runners want in a shirt. With over 12 years of Screen Printing experience we are ready to implement that knowledge on your next event order. Specializing in up to 4-color screen printing, your race shirt will stand out from all of the rest. We've got all colors from white to vibrant, as well as cotton to moisture wicking. No matter if your design is simple or complex, we've got an expert artist on staff ready to work on your next design. At CSP we feel rushing orders is a recipe for disaster so we do require a 7 business day time frame to ensure your order is printed correctly. Orders start from as small as a dozen pieces to as large as 1,000. For more information or a quote, please visit

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Add some spark to your running with an Advocare product. These products are formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. Go to the website and start increasing your energy.

 Ainsleys Angles

In addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included. See the website for information and to email Trish Robinson.

cox racing services

COX RACING SERVICES provides Chip Timing, Pull Tag Electronic Timing and Complete Race Setup for all road races ranging from 1K to Ultra Marathon distances. We have more than 25 years of race managing and directing experience. We are dedicated to promoting health and fitness in communities. With our vast running and timing experience, COX RACING SERVICES is a viable option. See the website for information about the services.

movin' pictures logo

Runners, visit Movin' Pictures for a picture of you in action. Race directors contact us to learn how we can help you add value to your event for your participants.

Harry Hall

In late 2014, Hall completed a 12 year project when he released, The Pedestriennes, America's Forgotten Superstars, the first book ever written about the professional female endurance walkers who from 1876-1881, dazzled America with their on and off track exploits. It's won three national writing awards and included it on its list of, "Greatest Running Books." It's also been turned into a screenplay. Both books are available at and for more information.

fwrc logo

The Fort Worth Runners Club (FWRC) is a non-profit community organization that promotes running, walking and fitness activities for better health. The FWRC welcomes everyone, at all levels of athletic ability. The FWRC conducts races throughout the year where members may participate, either competitively or recreationally at a low cost. Visit for more information.